Macka Diamond joins OnlyFans after alleged sex tape leak

Following in the footsteps of other artistes like Ishawna and D’Angel, Macka Diamond is the latest dancehall act to join the popular subscription-only platform OnlyFans.

Dancehall artiste Macka Diamond

The veteran dancehall act joined the platform on Tuesday (September 29) and has already made five posts.

“Exclusively to my true fans first half price subscribe to my #onlyfans page now lets see real fans love you all my #moneydiamonds,” said Diamond in an Instagram post.

Diss track

A source close to Macka Diamond revealed that the artiste, unlike other dancehall celebs, will not be using the platform to show off scantily clad pics of herself – after all we all got an eyeful in Cucumber – but was using it to launch her latest diss track, entitled Doggy Don.

It turns out that Macka has been embroiled in an ongoing feud with a popular social media personality named Pretti Don, who has been threatening to release the artiste’s sex tape.

In a series of posts, Pretti Don has gone for Macka’s jugular, taking aim at her age and threatening to expose her.

Since then Pretti Don has released a photo of Diamond in bed with an New York-based dancehall artiste along with a series of memes and short videos.

Pretti Don, in a curse word-laced 20-minute video, sought to explain the feud, but left many confused as to the source of tension between her and the artiste.

Fighting back

During the video, Pretti Don goes on to diss Furtyle Brain Terro Don.

According to Pretti Don, Furtyle Brian had accused dancehall artiste Skillibeng of stealing his style.

In the video, Pretti Don encourages Macka Diamond to tame her goat, alluding to the dancehall artiste who known more for his implanted goat horns than his music.

Diamond has not taken her blows laying down, she has been retaliating. On Tuesday, she dropped cover artwork for her diss track, which appears to include a photo of the woman in question attached to the body of a dog, the title of the tune is also a play on Pretti Don’s moniker.

The veteran dancehall artiste has denied the existence of a sex tape, noting that Pretti Don’s, who she has never met in person, only objective is to spread propaganda.

Pretti Don, whose real name is Vanice Samantha Parkes, rose to fame after revealing that she was born with two different sex organs. She now lives in the United States with her female partner.