Macka Diamond wants no part of Majah Hype saga

Dancehall artiste Macka Diamond says she wants no part in the ongoing Maja Hype saga.

Dancehall deejay Macka Diamond does not want any part of the digital drama between former couple Majah Hype and Latisha Kirby.

The artiste was first linked to the comedian more than six years ago when a photo surfaced of him having some one-on-one time with her tatas. The image had resurfaced in the summer which apparently caused conflict in his then relationship, forcing him to go on Instagram to declare that the photo was old and from a music video shoot.

“Nuh man cyaan beat, mi look like man can beat me?”

– Macka Diamond

With Kirby’s domestic allegations against the comedian, and photos of his genitals surfacing on the web, the people have placed Macka on the stand.

“What’s the problem? Wah wrong if me and Majah Hype used to deh? Him a man, me a woman, what’s the problem?” she asked fans last night via Instagram Live. “People a come ask mi question bout if him thing big or if it small or if him used to beat me. Mi nuh understand how me drop inna dis… Mi nuh waan nobody ask mi bout mi private life and mi business.”

She added that she has never come on the Internet to air her personal business (though she did with former boyfriend Spotlight), and that she has even cried because people are making her a character in the revenge porn soap drama.

“One thing wid me, mi nav nuh mixtape or weh unno want call it. A muss mix tape dem deh, a nuh sex tape.”

She added, “Nuh man cyaan beat, mi look like man can beat me?”

The deejay redirected followers with questions to Majah Hype, and said she is staying focused on her music career. She is set to release the music video for Money Money today.