Macka Diamond wants to make an album like Buju Banton’s ‘Til Shiloh

Singjay Macka Diamond has long faced criticism about her age and tenure in music, but she wants folks to know she’s not going anywhere any time soon.

Macka Diamond

The Set Me Free entertainer said she is yet to reach her peak in the music industry, and has a couple more things to check off on her bucket list.

“I think I want to do an album or EP, you know like when Buju (Banton) did transform and do the ‘Til Shiloh?” she asked on the Wizology Show last night. “I’m dreaming of something like that and I think I’m gonna do it. I think it’s gonna happen.”

‘Til Shiloh debuted in 1995 and showed a Pan-African side of Banton, quite the contrast from his dancehall tempo debut album, Mr Mention, which came three years earlier. ‘Til Shiloh was rooted in his newly-found Rastafari faith and bore hits like Untold Stories, Murderer, Not An Easy Road and ‘Til I’m Laid to Rest.

Macka’s other “dream” is to motivate females and give people greater insight into navigating the music industry as a woman. The Dye Dye entertainer said she has steered her career to success without a management team, and is often asked to manage other artists. 

Reggae veteran Buju Banton

“There’s a lot of people who seh to me ‘Bwoy if you can bring your career this far, better yuh manage people’… I don’t want to do the management,” she said. “There are so much ungratefulness and I’ve been through a lot of managers who have been crying and I don’t think I’m gonna like the management part because it’s an ongoing thing where a lot of artistes is being ungrateful to a lot of people who spend on them and they don’t understand that this business costs a lot and once somebody spend dem money on you it is obvious that they need back their money.”

She will, however, work with artistes when it comes to music production as she hopes to open her own recording studio.