Mackerel says she “sells” her body to escape poverty

Dancehall artiste QQ had what felt like a therapy session with Internet sensation Mackerel on Instagram Live recently.

Internet sensation Mackerel

The viral star dominated headlines last year for boasting the tagline “tek weh people man”, but in the lengthy talk with QQ, she explained there’s nothing fun about it.

Behind the entertainment personality is a 20-year-old who has experienced the depths of poverty and will be damned before she returns to it. This, she said, is why she has sex for money.

“Poverty nuh nice, live under man roof inna family yard nuh nice,” she said. “A nuff rice and oil me eat and nuff rice and butter, so right yah now if mi can con out a man fi give mi lobster everyday nothing is wrong. My days of man tricking me is done. A sell mi a sell, business mi doing. I’m a businesswoman… Mi a do weh mi have to do to don’t fall back in that situation… A nuh everybody can turn lawyer and doctor and nurse.”

Prefers fast money

Interestingly, Mackerel said she wanted to be a lawyer but was demotivated after a family member said she’d be a prostitute by 18.

QQ told her it isn’t too late to prove naysayers wrong, but Mackerel said she prefers the fast money.

“Weh yuh waan mi seh QQ? I’m gonna go back to school and get a degree? Mi know a dat di whole a unno waan hear… If a man a go tek mi up and send mi go a school a fi him will, a fi him money a spend. But me nah go tek up my hardworking money and school myself because at the end of the day I have a child, I have somebody who needs more schooling than me…me have somebody weh mi nuh waan go through nuh rice and oil… So yuh see if a sell mi haffi sell mi front fi mek dat human being eat and to make him be happy, I am going to do it.”

QQ persisted in his efforts to steer her on another path, which other public figures have tried. He asked her about her skillset, which brought them back to her tagline.

Being a mother of a son, QQ asked if she’d approve of her daughter giving her body for sex. Mackerel took some time to answer the question, then said she will cross that bridge whenever she ever reaches it.