Magnum launches dancehall-themed trivia game

The Magnum Tonic Wine brand has launched ‘Weh Yuh Know Bout Dancehall,’ an online trivia game about the genre.

It comes as the popular drink brand continues to find new ways of keeping the local entertainment sector alive, which has taken a hit due to the global pandemic.

Weh Yuh Know Bout Dancehall challenges participants with dancehall-related questions, who have a chance to not only showcase how knowledgeable they are about the genre but win.

The questions are asked in rounds and each participant will have only ten seconds to answer.

Participants will need a sound knowledge of the dancehall industry, as the questions gradually get harder with each round.

Host Trippple X promises to bring his big personality to make each game memorable. 

“Well, you know me, I always bring the vibes and high energy, so you know there is gonna be non-stop laughing once I’m involved. Weh Yuh Know Bout Dancehall is a good look for the industry, so I just want to big up Magnum for innovating the idea and for giving me the opportunity as the game show’s host,” said TipppleX

“I believe all who participate will enjoy themselves, trust me you won’t be disappointed memba Trippple X say so. Just try somting new,”added the popular comedian.

The brand’s Regional Marketing Manager for the Caribbean, Kamal Powell, believes the game show will have lasting effects on dancehall culture.

“We are excited to announce our latest innovation Weh Yuh Know Bout Dancehall because the industry needs it. Much of our culture is dominated by oral tradition where information is passed down through word of mouth. The problem with this is that, over time information will become muddled and so too will the culture,” Powell said

“By introducing this game, we hope to document aspects of Dancehall culture and realign its people with the facts and history. Weh Yuh Know Bout Dancehall will be successful because a lot of thought and planning went into the process. From the game’s set-up to the questions, we know our patrons will love it. All winners will be contacted for a chance to win giveaways courtesy of Magnum Tonic Wine,” added Powell.

Magnum Tonic Wine is recognized as the drink of dancehall and is known for its outstanding contributions to the genre.