Shenseea talks inspiration, new album and Rihanna on E! News

Dancehall artiste Shenseea

There’s no doubt that Shenseea is one of the defining voices of dancehall for this generation and the artiste is beginning to solidify that claim internationally.

The ‘Sheng Yeng boss’ was featured by E News in its Ones To Watch series which celebrates black voices during Black History Month.

“You don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to do to get where you want to be.”

– Shenseea

The near-five minute video – which includes tidbits about the artiste and intersperses clips from her singles such as Blessed, Lighter and Love I Got For You – shows Shenseea talking about her rise in dancehall, her upcoming album, Rihanna being an “inspiration” to her art and addresses the double standards faced by women looking to break through.

“I personally refer to myself as a chameleon since sometimes I can hear people and other artistes and easily adopt their sounds when I figure it out, like different, different tones,” Shenseea told E News.

“My music definitely is energetic, that’s for one. It speaks truth, because I normally try to write off what I’m going through or somebody else is going through because I like to write music that people can relate to. When they hear it they feel like I’m talking to them. I just do it from the heart, honestly.”

She also noted that female artistes are often expected to do more than their male counterparts in performances noting, “As a woman we are expected to do the most. A male can go on stage and he can sing his  songs normal, jump up, buil’ a little vibes while for women it’s like we’re expected to be like a stripper on the stage while singing. And that is why I try to shift the focus where I stopped trying to write the type of music that people might think I am required to buss it down on the stage.”

“Rihanna is an inspiration, she’s one of my favourite artistes.”

– Rihanna

The Bad Alone artiste added, that she prays daily, and that her son is her motivation. “Listen, God and my son, even when I’m down, I pray every single day. I pray for everything I want, I pray for strength, and my son, yea he’s my biggest motivation. And the fact that he’s a fan of my music is so fun … if I’m feeling down or something, you’ll still hear him in the house beatboxing.”

As for her musical inspirations, she had this to say. “Jamaican culture is me. Listening even to hip-hop music and RnB music growing up, I find that I wanted to be this pop star like Rihanna. I would often say “I want to be the next Rihanna…I feel like I gonna be the next Rihanna” but as time went by, I said to myself, ‘I don’t want to be the next Rihanna, want to be the best version of myself.’ Rihanna is an inspiration, she’s one of my favourite artistes…”

Shenseea and her son, Rajeiro

She also left a message for those looking to make it big in the industry, without having to compromise who they are. “Once you have the talent, once you work hard, and once you bring yourself a certain way that people respect you, there’s nobody that going to come to you with some form of bull. You don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to do to get where you want to be.”

Oh, and for those asking about an album, this is the year and Shenseea promises it’s going to be “Lit!”