Make it stoppp! Ding Dong ‘plays’ the violin

This is the point at which we tell Jamaican entertainer Ding Dong to stick to what he is good at – deejaying and dancing.

Dancehall artiste Ding Dong

Yes, BUZZ fam. The Gweh artiste got his hands on a violin recently, and it was not music to our ears.

“WATCH A STYLE YAH” Unuh si the few racing gallopy in the black ground,” he captioned a video in which he was fiddling with the instrument.

Dressed in a jumper, straw hat, white T-shirt and several gold chains, the entertainer is seen fiddling with the instrument while some horses play in the background.

We’re assuming the violin was a prop for a music video, but that did not stop the viewers from taking a dig at Ding Dong, as there was no flair in how he played the instrument.

“New music.. New video.. 😂😂 man a miss the note them. You do good fi catch few bcuz it no easy fi play,” one social media user said.

“Not one string a connect pon the fiddle…FARMER DING @dingdongravers ….only you can pull this off,” another added.

Meanwhile, Ding Dong is currently promoting tracks like Stray and Weh Mi Duh People featuring Romain Virgo.