Marion Hall cancels autobiography: Artiste says it would do more harm than good

Minister Marion Hall believes her autobiography would do more harm than good.

When Minister Marion Hall announced her upcoming autobiography, ‘Damage Good’, some people revelled in the possibility of soaking up whatever juicy details they could about her love life, reigning days as Queen of Dancehall, not having children, and her transition from being Lady Saw to an evangelist.

“I was writing this book because the enemy thought that he had damaged me and I should have been so broken inside.”

— Hall

Heads up, Hall told BUZZ that after much prayer and thought, she is cancelling the publication, which she believes would do more harm than good.

“A lot of people are looking for an autobiography, but dem looking for only negativity. I won’t be continuing with the book,” she said. “I was writing this book because the enemy thought that he had damaged me and I should have been so broken inside. With an autobiography, yuh want to bring it right through and tell people what really brought you to Christ in such a way to give up everything,” she said.

“People thrive off gossip. You don’t even have to say something wrong for them to make it look wrong, and I believe when you take on Christ you should be more like Him and Christ wouldn’t dwell on certain things. We all go through trials and tests cause the Bible tells you there will be tribulations.”

Sign from God

Hall shared that she had commenced writing in two notebooks, one for her biographical sketch and another which detailed the relationships and personalities that brought her pain, but ultimately led her to God.

“I started writing about one of the enemies who brought me closer to God when I saw I was losing my sanity and becoming one of them,” she said.

“I realised it’s taking up too many pages to weh di person do to me. I said if this is taking up so many pages plus mi have another one fi write bout, would I want their children to see it? This book made me realise I would have to write about some people and how evilous those people were. These people have children and I wouldn’t want their kids to read these truths about the evil that their parents did to me. When a man is in Christ he’s a new creature, old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new,” Hall said.

“I know I made the right decision.”

— Hall

After praying about it, Hall said God showed her signs to forsake the project.

“I woke up the night and seh: ‘Lord, I don’t think you’d want me to do this’. I started tearing up the leaves out the book in the dark, but when I woke in the morning a di wrong book mi a tear up. I won’t say what He did, but God proved to me in a divine way that I did the right thing by choosing to not continue with the book. He gave me so much peace. I know I made the right decision,” she said.

Third gospel album

She is still pursuing other projects, namely her third gospel album and the registering of a church.

Minister Marion Hall believes people should leave all judgement to God.

Regarding the latter, Hall wanted to address those who have been accusing her of wanting to build a church to gain profit.

“When I was in dancehall that was when I was thieving money. The prices that I used to charge to do nothing positive, cause you know my work as Lady Saw was dirty, I could get 10, 30, souls into the kingdom of darkness in a second and people were running to pay all that money, that is weh yuh call thieving,” she said.

“Now that I am going to do something to benefit lost souls you’re thinking I’m planning to thief people money? I believe people should throw their offerings and tithes, but one thing I promise is to never allow greed to get in the way of me and my God. Never you judge a person, leave people of God and let them do what God has called them to do.”