Marion Hall to release dancehall-gospel album

Minister Marion Hall

Minister Marion Hall formerly known as Lady Saw will be releasing a dancehall-inspired gospel album.

The Minister told the Jamaica Observer that she is feverishly working on the album. But she did not divulge anything else.

Hall reigned as the Queen of Dancehall for more than 25 years. But converted to Christianity six years and has abstained from the dancehall space.

However, she recently began tiptoeing back into space with the release of two dancehall-flavoured gospel songs – Mi Soon Alright and From Mi Born.

Both songs were co-produced on the Hitmatic Records and RP Record labels on January 8.

Minister Hall said that the inspiration for Mi Soon Alright came directly from the Almighty.

“With Mi Soon Alright I was in my house, talking to the Lord, and I heard the voice of the Lord say: ‘Yuh soon alright.’ So I opened my mouth and I started to sing: ‘Mi soon alright, mi soon alright, mi soon alright’…It was about the pandemic, a song for people who are going through hard times. A lot of people losing hope, they’re fearful,” she said.

But the inspiration for From Mi Born was the result of her name being dragged into a spat involving dancehall deejay Spice and her ‘spiritual advisor’ Nardo “RT Boss” Smith.