Markie Markland to return with ‘Man Clown Mondays’ show

Social media personality and author Jovian ‘Markie’ Markland says he’s bringing back his viral Man Clown Mondays show.

Markie Markland

The online show, inspired by his “man clown days done” tagline, popularised in 2019 and saw Markland acting as a millennial “Dear Pastor” of sorts, giving advice to female callers about their relationships. He also dished on hot topics involving celebrities.

But the show eventually dissolved later that year, and Markland went on to other ventures like a sex toy store, an online boutique, a podcast and a book.

The personality, who is currently in Jamaica, explained why the show came to an end.

“Mommy mi nah sell nuh house but mi sell confidence. Mi tell the girls dem seh man clown days done, a it pay me…”

– Markie Markland

Man Clown Mondays was a mess enuh; sometimes mi embarrassed fi watch Man Clown Mondays – it was a mess, pure war,” he said. “People always a ask mi, ‘Markie, why you don’t keep Man Clown Mondays?‘. I had to stop Man Clown Mondays because y’all never knew what was happening in New York. I never talk about it but Man Clown Mondays used to cause whole heap a war… I’m gonna start back Man Clown Mondays but I’m gonna do it in a more decent (way). Mi a go still be careless but mi a go just help females as weh mi used to do.”

Having a hot talk show didn’t come as a surprise to the Bull Bay native as he said he’d always had ambitions of having a platform like veteran broadcaster Wendy Williams. Interestingly, Markland’s mother thought he’d become a pastor.

“My mother well waan me fi be a pastor, she well waan me fi go back inna church but I am in the church,” he said. “Me used to teef out and go dance and then get up and go church. Even a foreign, every Saturday night we go dance and Sunday morning a me dat inna church a praise God and a enjoy myself. Mi never forget God still but mi know mi did born fi go party.”

He added, “None a mi family nuh party. My brother a deacon, my mada a di president fi di women’s ministry and me just grow up fi be different so mommy haffi just understand seh God give everybody a different blessing.”

A graduate of the University of Technology, Markland migrated and earned a real estate license but hasn’t actually sold any property.

“Mommy mi nah sell nuh house but mi sell confidence. Mi tell the girls dem seh man clown days done, a it pay me… I’m technically a pastor mommy… I am a councillor mommy.”

His sermon can be accessed in his book, Man Clown Days Done: Your Guide to Being a Boss Chick, which is available on Amazon.