Accompong Maroon chief Richard Currie featured in Forbes Magazine

Accompong Maroon leader Richard Currie has been featured in the renowned Forbes Magazine.

Accompong leader Richard Currie

Currie, was elected the youngest colonel of the Accompong Maroons in February, shared the challenges faced by his people, and how he plans to addressed them under his leadership.

He said the community is “at least 50 years behind”, before adding, “We are at risk because our systems haven’t enabled us to have the infrastructure behind the agriculture. This is the only thing between us and total food security.”

The Mona School of Business graduate also spoke to the history of his people rooted in the fight for freedom and equality.

“The Maroons were the catalysts of emancipation; we were the leaders of liberation. That’s what we stand for. Our treaty is built on sustainability and perpetuity and our only path to development is through economics and commerce built on those same principles.”

The in-depth piece offers a perspective into the future of the Accompong Maroons, and Currie’s belief that they can position themselves as a “source of food security” for Jamaica.

You can check out the rest of the interview here.