Marvin the Beast is “glad” for ex DHQ Nickeisha and her new body

The former couple Marvin The Beast and Dancehall Queen Nickeisha.

Entertainer Marvin the Beast says he’s a changed man and won’t be responding to trolls who have been poking him about his ex DHQ Nickeisha’s new body.

Several social media users have been dragging Marvin in the comments of his ex’s latest post-op photos, saying he let a good thing go.

Marvin, who has a history of running to Instagram to lash out at critics with a slew of obscenities, said he won’t be “drawn out” this time as he has changed.

“Me a be a real man cause unno always try fi clown mi and mi always be a fool and stoop to unno level and listen to the bullsh*t dem and react to the bullsh*t dem…” he said in a Live yesterday.

“Whatever she do nav nothing fi do wid me, whatever me do nav nothing fi do wid she. She happy a do har ting and mi glad fi har and want she be happy. Mi cya waan she be sad because at the end of the day certain things cya change. She a mi daughter mada and dat nah go change. Mi happy over here a live my life too, a do my thing.”

Not only did he refuse to throw any shade her way, he also warned others to refrain from doing so.

“The people dem weh forward over here and a call mi babymother name and a seh mi babymother this and mi babymother that…this a di only thing unno supposed to come over here and seh: ‘Marvin yuh babymother look good’. If unno a go seh mi babymother nuh look good mi maybe disrespect unno cause at the end of the day a mi babymother…”

The two were together on-and-off for nine years with tumultuous periods which aired out online.

They welcomed a child in 2019 and have since moved on to new relationships.