Marvin the Beast says he stopped dancing to be seen as a ‘real man’

Entertainer Marvin the Beast rose to prominence as the Montego Bay dancer who was ferociously dancing with women in trees, on rooftops and dangling with them over walls.

But the dancer has since expanded his entertainment offering to music, and recently shared that he has decided to stop dancing to be more respected.

“When people dancey-dancey unno talk some sh*t bout dem, unno nuh look pon dem as man, unno nuh look pon dem as real man and with respect,” he said during an Instagram Live yesterday. “Unno treat dem like a pu**y so mi dancer bredda dem unno haffi know dem a go treat unno di same way cause a years mi deh inna this. Unno a entertain dem and a show respect and love and a dweet fi di culture and a nuff people a go treat unno like a fool, treat unno like a likkle boy all when mi a big man fi some a dem dat’s why mi stop. Dat’s why mi stop dance-dance.”

He embarked on a music career in 2016 with his ex and babymother DHQ Nickeisha. Their early releases include Beast Mode, Clean and Fresh and Nuh Dirt. Nickeisha has also further transitioned into music thanks to the pandemic. Marvin is equally happy that she has put away dancing.

“Mi glad fi even mi babymother how she put it aside and she a do har music so at the end of the day unno can put likkle respect pon har name. Dat’s why mi haffi put it aside and a do mi music sed way so unno can put some respect pon mi name sed way cause when people dance-dance uno tek people fi clown and fool and eediat and likkle boy.”

Other dancers who have hung up their dancing shoes to become recording artistes include Chi Chi Ching, Ding Dong, Renee Sixthirty, Pretty Pretty, Goody Plum and TallUp.