Masicka drops ‘God Damn’

Dancehall artiste Masicka is out to create a storm with a new release that has been generating some heat in the dancehall.

Following up on his recent effort Ice Cream Truck, the Genna Syde captain has released ‘God Damn‘ which is clearly a winner already for the dancehall star.

The song sees him looking at his financial standing. However, his flow and energy makes the song a good listen especially for the hardcore dancehall fans who want something enjoyable to build a vibe during this time.

It’s all about the paper for the hardcore dancehall entertainer. (Photo: YouTube – Masicka)

He also accompanied the track with a creative music video that sees him utilizing computer graphics to simulate almost graffiti-inspired shots with the artiste singing around a sexy dancer.

Since its release, fans have been going crazy and lauding Masicka for his latest effort. 

Responses include “Masicka delete the song and drop it again mi neva🔥🔥🔥”,Masicka couldn’t miss all if him try” — indicating how fans have been feeling about his latest effort.

BUZZ fam check it out and tell us what you think!