Masicka the contractor? Artiste shows he’s got skills outside the studio

If the music business doesn’t work out for Masicka, he could have another career in construction.

Dancehall artiste Masicka treated fans to another side of him when he shared a video doing some manual labour today.

The dancehall star shared a video of himself moonlighting as a labourer to Instagram today, and it seems it’s not his first time using a shovel and pail.

The Ice Cream Truck deejay captioned the video, “A who wan piece a the work” while adding a laughing emoji.

He continued, “ya fi big up the site man dem no lie”, a clear reference to just how difficult manual work is.

His fans enjoyed seeing the other side of the Rich creator as several commended his efforts.

One said, “Granny tell me lazy a sin!”, while another shared “Mi man back strong”.

Yet another said, “Everything start from di grung” while a fourth commented ‘Affi put in dii work fr dem nuh know ih thing set syde1 genna”.

You can watch the video clip here