Masicka treats fans with ‘Ice Cream Truck’ music video

Dancehall artiste Masicka has dropped a hot music video to accompany his latest track Ice Cream Truck.

Released on Thursday, the video sees the dancehall artiste partying with a cadre of sexy women as he plays the role of an ice cream truck driver.

The girls seemingly enjoy snacking on the ice cream treats in a seductive manner throughout. At one point in the video, Masicka gets downright playful by feeding two females with lollipops at the same time, adding to the overall raunchy nature of the music video.

In the song that was released about three weeks ago, he also boasts that women often compare his level of sweetness to treats that can be found in an ice cream truck.

This is not Masicka’s first release for the year as he thrilled fans with Rich in January.