Mask on: Popcaan isn’t taking chances with coronavirus

A day after Jamaica confirmed its first case of the coronavirus, dancehall artiste Popcaan has expressed concerns over the disease and says he plans to wear his mask at all times.

In a video posted on his Instagram page on Wednesday, Popcaan was smoking a spliff and wearing a ski mask.

“One thing mi a tell yuh, this coronavirus business a get outta hand. Mi nah lef da mask ya,” he said.

“This coronavirus business a get outta hand.”

— Popcaan

“Anyweh mi deh, it deh deh. Nah tek no check. Not even Fiona or Shrek. It serious. Mask. Pullover.”

While he thinks he is taking the necessary precautions and many of his fans agreed, some of his followers were quick to point out where he might be going wrong.

“You can’t stop yourself from getting the virus with the mask. You can only protect others from getting it if you have it,” one follower said.

Another added: “What happen to ur hands and eyes?”

What are your thoughts on Popcaan’s methods, BUZZ fam? How are you preparing to deal with the coronavirus?