Masked by Ishawna: Entertainer starts new business venture

If you want a face mask with some glam, you should probably check dancehall artiste Ishawna for the hook-up.

Ishawna has started a new venture, Masked by Ishawna, and she will be selling face masks with a little bit of pizazz. On her Legendary by Ishawna Instagram page, the product is described as a “classic black mask with crystal trimmings.” It is being sold for US$12.

As expected, Ishawna showed off the mask, and she definitely wore it well, pairing it with a black outfit that also had crystal details. Her fans were in love.

When asked about face masks for men, she promised that they would be coming in short order.

This is not Ishawna’s first try at business, as through her Legendary by Ishawna brand, she has sold T-shirts, hoodies and necklaces.