Masters of Medicine awards ceremony provides spectacular entertainment

All roads led to the home and recording studio of Jamaica’s reggae legend, Bob Marley on Saturday evening (Jan. 18), where there was no shortage of high energy, fashion and entertainment.

The Masters of Medicine Trailblazer Awards attracted a throng of professionals across various sectors into a magical social wanderlust.

It was a tropical paradise infused with food, live entertainment and glitzy décor that marked another successful staging of the event, now in its second year.

To kickstart the night, patrons were treated to an all-star performance from Jamila Falak who captured the attention of everyone with her dynamic range accompanied by her playing of the upright bass.

The artiste shared with us that she’s thoroughly grateful for the opportunity to showcase her talent in the midst of a space filled with esteemed game-changers.

“I’m a musician and I’m literally carrying on the torch after her [Marcia Griffiths], but I have to say first and foremost to all the awardees who got an award tonight congratulations for the spectacular work they are doing within their field,” she told BUZZ in an interview.

“Aunty Marcia was there in my heart because I’m literally in the music fraternity and she’s a mogul. So, it’s an honour to have picked up the torch after she performed,” she added blissfully.

The headliner of the evening, Wayne Marshall, delivered an array of songs pulled from his extensive catalogue that resonated with the crowd.

He shared that he was delighted to have had the opportunity to perform in the company of leading medical practitioners and he was particularly impressed with their party zeal.

“These are special events with special professionals who do a special kind of work and they are highly blessed. So, it is always good to rub shoulders with these progressive people and also see that they have a party spirit to them. You could see the people dem a move, groove, wave and bounce. So, it’s always good to engage these kinds of crowds,” he told BUZZ.

The event closed on a high note where the reigning queen of reggae, Marcia Griffiths was recognized and awarded for her contributions to the development of the nation.

Catch more highlights from the evening in our gallery below.