Mavado says detained son will be home soon in new song

Dancehall heavyweight Mavado is confident that his 18-year-old son, now on trial for murder, will be home “very soon.”

Dancehall artiste Mavado his incarcerated son will be released soon.

The artiste declared this in his latest release, Not Perfect, produced by his friend Charles Williston of Sponge Music.

The meditative production complements an introspective Mavado, who says he’s far from flawless, and admits that his inclination to defend himself and those he loves has shaped his rough edge and fearlessness. He’s aware of his various run-ins with the law as a result, but owns his decisions and indiscretions. Mavado thinks he’s misunderstood, but when all is said and done, he says “it’s me, said one from the block.”

This level of openness from the “Gully Gad” is rare, and fans have been lauding him for it as the YouTube streams climb beyond 100,000.

Speaking to BUZZ, Williston said Mavado was inspired to do the song because of “current situations” in his life.

“The song came from his heart,” he said. “It brought tears to my eyes when I first heard it… It’s one of the biggest song I ever produce.”

Mavado’s son has been in detention since 2018, the year he was charged with the Cassava Piece, St Andrew, murder of Lorenzo Thomas. He and his co-accused Andre Hines were charged with conspiracy to murder, arson, shooting with intent, and illegal possession of firearm and ammunition. The younger Brooks has repeatedly declared his innocence in court.

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Williston said it was Mavado who encouraged him to pursue a career in music, which led to the establishing of Sponge Music in 2018. Though this marks their first collaboration, Williston said the two have worked on projects behind-the-scenes.

To his label’s credit, “I have worked with most, if not all, top-tier artist in dancehall. For example, Alkaline’s Real Dawgs (and) Nuh Wife is two of the hottest songs I produced, mashing up the streets right now. Look out for more hot tracks from Sponge Music. Like my brother Mavado say, ‘2021 is our year’.”