Mavado says he doesn’t ‘trust’ the New Year

Dancehall artiste Mavado

We’re already five days into the New Year, but dancehall artiste Mavado is being pretty cautious in wishing anyone a ‘Happy New Year’.

No doubt coming off the tumulus year that was 2020, Mavado is a little skeptical that the year will bring any kind of happiness. And we can totally empathise with the ‘Gully Gad’.

“Don’t want to say happy new year as yet I still don’t trust it.🤔but I hope we have a great one my people,” he wrote in a post on Instagram.

The Enemy Line artiste did not inspire optimism with ensemble either. Wearing all black, a fur hoody that covers his head while his locks hang loosely on his shoulders, and his eye piercing into the camera.

Nonetheless, his fans got where he was coming from.

“Real talk Bredda 😇. Just affi give thanks,” one fan commented.  

“Real talk breda wi nuh know what can happen at anytime,” another added.

“You could not say it inner a better way my Brother, well said,” someone said.