Me and Beenie a nuh fren, says Elephant Man

Dancehall artiste Elephant Man (Photo: Dennis Brown)
Dancehall artiste Elephant Man (Photo: Dennis Brown)

Although he respects Beenie Man as an established Jamaican artiste, entertainer Elephant Man says they are not friends.

While they were not ‘besties’ throughout their careers, things went further south last year October when Beenie Man did a song called Our Grung.

From Ding Dong start sing dancing song Elephant Man don’t find none,” Beenie said in the song.

“Beenie try disrespect me.”

— Elephant Man

And for obvious reasons, that did not go down well with Elephant Man.

“Me and Beenie Man nuh good, but Beenie a legend. Big up Beenie,” Elephant Man told BUZZ.

Dancehall artiste Beenie Man

“Beenie try disrespect me and a say from Ding Dong find song Ele can’t find none. Memba, fi Beenie Man come outta him way and say dat. Me nah trouble Beenie. Mi have nuff things can talk and say. Me nah trouble you, so how you feel so kakati fi come call my name and style me?”

He continued: “Me and Beenie a nuh fren. How yuh fi style me and me and you a fren? Mi and you caan be fren fi dat. Yuh mad man?”

Interestingly, a year after Beenie Man’s statement, Elephant Man has been making a major impact in dancehall with a song called Find It that was done in collaboration with Cordel ‘Skatta’ Burrell, Ce’Cile, Kunley and Leftside.