Meet Kidd Ravers: The other female in Ding Dong’s Ravers Clavers

Teenager Kidd Ravers is one of the newest members of Ding Dong’s Ravers Clavers group.

Dancer-cum-deejay Ding Dong stunned some fans this week when he highlighted that there is another female in the Ravers Clavers clique.

In case you’ve been living under a rock these past few years (no judgements here), fashion stylist and dancer Desha Ravers has visibly been the only female in the group.

“They’ve welcomed me as a family and like a little sister to the group.”

— Kidd Ravers

Finishing school

But bringing her own kind of finesse and personality to the popular dance group is 17-year-old Kidd Ravers, who revealed that she was actually inducted more than a year ago, but made her studies a priority as advised by her new fam.

“I entered the Vibes social media competition Ding Dong had in 2018 where I won, and that’s how I became a part of the Ravers,” she told BUZZ. “They’ve welcomed me as a family and like a little sister to the group. They encourage me a lot and tell me to finish school and make sure I passed all my CXCs…”

Some members of the Ravers Clavers dance group. From left: Donte Ravers, Wiz Ravers, Kool Ravers, Desha Ravers, Ding Ding, Bravo Ravers, Kidd Ravers, Khris Ravers and Trey Ravers.

She has since graduated from Pembroke Hall High School and is now enrolled at the Excelsior Community College where she is studying computer repairs. With one academic feat out the way, Kidd Ravers, whose given name is Shanique Walker, is now more visible as she performs with her team across the island.

“I put in the work because I got a passion for dancing.”

— Kidd Ravers

“What really makes me different is that I am not one of those dancers who don’t socialize with my fans and behave hype,” she said. “I am just humble, and I put in the work because I got a passion for dancing.”

Honing skills and style

Raised by her mother in Kingston, Kidd Ravers recalled always being active in school; be it her interest in sports to forming part of the cheerleading squad. While honing her skills and style, she also looked to other dancers, and was a Ravers fan long before she was ‘Kidd Ravers’ (FYI, her former alias was Gaza Kid).

Kidd Ravers says she looks up to Desha Ravers.

“I admire Dancing Rebel, but it’s mostly Desha Ravers who I look up,” she said. “She is different in everything she does – her style of dressing and how she dances.”

Kidd Charity Foundation

While she hopes to make her mark in the dance community, she is also manoeuvring another hat, giving back to less fortunate children through her ‘Kidd Charity Foundation’.

“It was established on December 22, and we want to help with stuff like school equipment, clothes, food… it depends on what they want help with and if we can, we help them,” she said. “It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and so a group of us (four) decided to do it.”