Meet Usain Bolt’s new ‘girlfriend’

Usain Bolt

BUZZ Fam, we all know how men get whenever they get their hands on a new gaming console. And when sprint legend Usain Bolt received his PS5, well, he behaved much like a typical guy.

The Olympian couldn’t contain his excitement and proudly referred to the gaming console as his “new girl”.

“Yea now people, it deh ya. You know what time it is,” he said while showcasing the gaming console in his car.

Being ever so gentle and attentive, Bolt ensured the PS5 was safe in the front seat by making sure to put on its seatbelt.

Safety first for Bolt’s PS5!

“So you know seh it’s safety first,” he said. “Yea baby, don’t worry yourself I’ll take good care of you, I’ll get you home safe.”

Having way too much fun, he thanked his friend and manager, NJ, for getting him the console, and prayed that his partner, Kasi Bennett, will not be jealous.

“Big up NJ for my new girl. Kaci don’t be jealous.”

We’re happy for you Bolt… we guess.