Trimmed down I-Octane hits back at those who criticised his weight gain

I-Octane has spoken out about his weight gain earlier this year, saying it was due to stress.

Life comes at us fast, and 2020 was just proof of that. While many tried to cope with the pandemic, and sheltered at home, gaining the dreaded COVID pounds, I-Octane was busy getting into shape.

After he shared a clip of himself on set of his latest video shoot, a fan reshared a pic from the shoot but added a screenshot of an Instagram Live the artiste had done while many pounds heavier.

The Lose A Friend artiste reposted the photo, commenting on the changes the past six months have held for him.

He said, “Life comes with ups and downs but when you’re facing bad times, that’s how you know your true character,” inviting fans to look at his before and after pictures for themselves.

He continued, “Giving up is not in my blood … I see and hear everyone who did a style me when I was going through a rough time in life so I gained weight because of the stress it comes with…

“But guess what, mi neva dead so I know once my mind is in the right place again I can fix it…so this message is for the people out there who a go tru the same thing and want to give up …Listen to me, don’t”.

The star’s fans were just as impressed by his change as they were by his words of advice, with one commenting “Speechless! Looking good though” while another shared “Many can relate to this in different ways. Thanks for sharing your real life experience. Ups and downs is real for everyone. You look amazing.”