Melon, sorrel or lemon? Red Stripe tweet sparks debate on which beer flavour is best

BUZZ fam! Please, why are we pitting three beauties against each other?! Jamaica (Sorrel) wins so let’s coexist in peace. (Photo: Instagram @RedStripe)

It’s going down on Twitter, BUZZ fam!

Jamaican manufacturers Red Stripe hopped on the options trend on the Twittersphere but may have bargained for a lot more than it can handle after sending the timeline into a feverish debate about which of its flavoured beer is better.

“Let’s settle this!” Red Stripe exclaimed on Sunday (June 14), as it asked Jamaican Twitter users to drop a reply for Melon beer, a retweet for Sorrel and a like for Lemon.

Personally, I like them all but if I were to choose it’d always be sorrel. PERIOD.

Well then, imagine the joy and unbridled satisfaction I feel when I see the TL sticking up for Sorrel beer.

So proud of y’all! *sheds a contented tear*

The realisation that sorrel could outright win the debate has not sat well with several Twitter users, seemingly in disbelief.

Others are just upset the drink isn’t more widely available overseas (which is another story we’ll need to address Red Stripe). A travesty!

You already knew this was coming, and no, there are no wrong answers (even if I strongly disagree), so BUZZ fam, what is your favourite flavoured Red Stripe beer?