‘Memories’ is very special to Buju

Buju Banton on the cover art for new single ‘Memories’ (Photo: Associate Press)

The reunion of Buju Banton and John Legend on the new single Memories is being described as special by the artiste.

It’s been almost a decade since the two collaborated to give us the groovy Can’t Be My Lover. Memories is the track is the first single on the Gargamel’s upcoming album Upside Down, his first studio project since 2010’s Before the Dawn

This is another special one with my good friend John,” Banton said in an interview with The Associated Press this week.

“We hope the masses love it.”

Turns R&B superstar, John Legend was just as honoured to work with Buju again.

“I was so excited to collaborate with Buju on another song. He’s an icon, and this song is another classic,” he said in a statement.