‘Men used to boo me’: Ce’Cile was often bashed for her oral sex song, ‘Do It To Me Baby’

Jamaican entertainer Ce’Cile said that she was often booed by men after she did her 2003 fellatio-themed joint Do It To Me Baby.

Singer and producer Ce’Cile

She revealed this in a recent appearance on Magnum Spice it Up where she spoke about the double standards in Jamaica’s music industry.

“Di man dem used to boo mi pon di stage… some of them were such hypocrites though cause I remember one situation I think it was at Aslyum. What happened is the girls used to make so much noise that you could barely hear the boos, but I was getting booed,” she said.

The host, deejay Spice, even owned up to disliking the song’s message, for which she had done a counteraction.

And, although Tanya Stephens’ 1997 track Goggle included the “taboo” topic, and other artistes like Lisa Hyper and Tiana sang about it too, Ishawna still received backlash in 2017 when she did Equal Rights in which she sang about men performing oral sex on women.

Fair Flak

And, Ce’Cile recalled her reaction when the song was released.

“I just look at it as ‘good, we’ve reached to this level’ cause even Ishawna when she did that she was still getting flak after all this time…and to me it was fair flak,” she said.

In the same breath, Ce’Cile also said that Ishawna’s artiste model was created to mimic hers.

Ishawna also spoke about oral sex in 2017 track Equal Rights.

The statement was made after Spice highlighted that Equal Rights didn’t mark the first time dancehall referenced men performing oral sex on women.

“No, but, didn’t you know that that was just based off Ce’Cile? Because is Skatta do dat,” Ce’Cile said. “Who is my business partner? You can ask Skatta, that is Ce’Cile model given to another artiste, that’s what he did. You can ask him, he’ll tell you, so it was just a regurgitation.”

Ishawna worked alongside producer Skatta Burrell at Downsound Records where she was signed until 2016.