Mi cyaa live inna car: I-Octane shows off his home

Jamaican entertainer I-Octane

Dancehall artiste I-Octane is now a homeowner, and he is encouraging fellow entertainers to be mindful of how they spend their money.

In several recent Instagram posts, the deejay showed parts his home, informing his critics of what he has been splashing his cash on.

“Mek sure yuh have yuh house dem first.”

— I-Octane

“People always a ask what mi do with my money that mi mek inna music, and when mi ask them why, them reply and say mi no see you change yuh car yet so mi laugh and say, mi cyaa live inna car, mi G,” the entertainer said.

I-Octane shared this photo on Instagram recently, showing off his home.

“A inna mi own house mi tek dah picture yah bro bro, not inna a hotel or somewhere weh mi pay rent. Yuh hear what mi say, mi own house.”

As expected, the My Life deejay was applauded for the post and his stance on homeownership.

“…Mi waan sell the few cars mi own and buy more property! We don’t hype we entertain,” fellow Jamaican artiste Razor B said.

One of I-Octane’s fans added: “Tell them mi boss one crash and the car done, house now cement and sand fix any damage.”

I-Octane then shared some tips with younger entertainers.

“Listen up yute and yutes don’t mek dem fool unnu bout car. Mek sure yuh have yuh house dem first den after yuh buy any car yuh want,” he said.