‘Mi deal wid har wicked’: Wayne Marshall and Tami Chin talk about sex in their marriage

With several kids running around their house, Tami Chin and Wayne Marshall say they have to get creative in order to enjoy a bit of intimacy.

Tami Chin and Wayne Marshall

In an interview with dancehall artiste Spice, Tami rubbished certain myths about sex, especially among couples.

“People always making it seem like they are having all of this sex and it is not necessarily true or what a relationship is built on,” she said in the Spice It Up interview that appeared on Magnum Hub TV on Wednesday.

But some sexual intercourse does occur in their marriage, and Tami explained that it sometimes takes place in the bathroom.

“It’s a lot of balancing on the bathroom sink,” she told Spice with Wayne whispering: “TMI.”

Tami continued: “It’s a lot of balancing life and you have to go outside of what your normal is and mek a new one… Our favourite thing to say these days is that we have a Zoom call. Just remember, you can schedule a Zoom call any time a day.”  

Finding time

Spice is sandwiched by Wayne Marshall (left) and Tami Chin.

Earlier in the conversation, Spice asked how Tami manages to please her husband and manage the household and take care of the kids.

Wayne quickly responded: “She don’t manage.”

However, he did explain that they still find time for intimacy.

“We make up for lost time a lot of the times. So, like a weekend off, a deh so mi deal wid har wicked, sweat har out, hackle har body,” he said laughing.

But sex is not the only thing on the minds of the two entertainers, who have three kids together and also care for Wayne’s teenage brother.

Tami said that they have been going on dates during the COVID-19 pandemic, and she believes Wayne has become even more romantic.

“It’s been good to see a different side of him kinda emerge in all of this. He’s actually a very romantic person. I am actually the one who is probably less romantic. He knows what I like. Once there is food, I’m good,” she said.

Wayne added that once protocols are being followed, they do go out. He also said that they sometimes take weekend trips.