‘Mi likkle toe nuh cut off’: D’Angel says she has ten toes on her feet

Dancehall artiste D’Angel

Public service announcement everyone, dancehall artiste D’Angel has ten toes on her feet, not nine as some of you would like to believe.

The Mind Yuh Business singer felt she had to make that known after some of y’all had something to say about her toes after she posted a sexy bikini photo on her Instagram. Although the majority of her followers were drooling over the picture, there was that one who noticed her little toe looked very short and couldn’t keep that to herself.

“Si di toe deh weh Beenie did haffi chop off cas she come out ah di house and du road. Well 9 toe neva slow yuh dun.” this person commented.

And of course, D’Angel felt she needed to address that one person, In a series of videos posted on her Instagram stories, D’Angel blames her pose for making it appear as if she has only nine toes.

“All who a talk she mi nuh have no toe pan di picture, and all these tings. Mi bend down and mi haffi grip the grung and all these tings suh mi toe look like mi nuh have no toe, and dem really run wid it bout mi have piece a toe,” she said.

“Mi haffi explain cause mi nuh wah nobody bring me dun and skin puppa lick and jump up fi joy and seh mi doh have any likkle toe or mi toe cut off. Mi toe neva cut off, mi neva meet inna no problem or no accident or nothing fi mi toe lose. See mi frigging toe deh she said while pointing towards her little toe.

Believe in or not BUZZ Fam, this is not the first time that a celebrity has had to point out the number of toes they had to doubting fans.

In September last year, Reality TV star Kim Kardashian also took to her Instagram stories to clear the air about having six toes on her feet.

This is the world we live in.