‘Mi nah wear no mask’: Buju Banton says Jamaicans are being lied to about COVID-19

Reggae star Buju Banton has declared that he will not wear face masks despite the Jamaican government insisting that they are necessary to reduce the spread of COVID-19.   

Jamaican entertainer Buju Banton

“Jamaican people need to wake up. Mi nah wear no mask cause mask nuh mek fi man,” he said in a video he posted on Instagram on Wednesday morning. “Free mi people dem, free my people now.”

In the rant that was shared in three video, Buju Banton insisted that the Jamaican people were being fooled.

“Wi waa done wid dis mask-wearing bulls**t inna Jamaica. Who fi dead ago dead and who nah go dead, haffi jus live. We tired of you intellectual fools trying to tell us how to live our lives,” he said.

“Who fi dead ago dead and who nah go dead, haffi jus live.”

— Buju Banton

“You are all touting a line and putting the Jamaican people in abject fear and driving us all to poverty. What have you done for all those who you have laid off and mek dem business close early? Jamaican people need to wake up and mi done wid di f**kery.”

Path of destruction

In the second video, he said that people are being lied to about COVID-19. Making reference to Michael Jackson and Bill Cosby, he said that people need to question what they are often told.

“Don’t you see that they have been lying to us for all this time? Why should we believe them now? How ironic it is that this virus act as if it is more intelligent than man,” he questioned.

Buju Banton also claimed that he would not lead the Jamaican people down a path of destruction, unlike other entertainers.

“First and foremost, Jamaicans unuh sell unuh vote enuh, and from unuh sell unuh vote unuh nuh have no sense. So, anything can happen right now. Wise up and stand up. A unuh last chance before unuh reach the precipice,” he said, stating that he does not have an agenda.  

“My love for you supersedes all that this world has to offer. I will not join the other entertainers and trick you. I will not lead you on a path of destruction. I have always been sincere and true to you my people… A lot of people are benefitting by touting and pushing my people down that path, which is totally destructive, here in Jamaica and in America.”