“Mi nuh need fi chase what’s already mine”: Lisa Hyper claps back about Vybz Kartel relationship

Singjay Lisa Hyper said it best. When it comes to the nature of her relationship with Vybz Kartel, “don’t try understand it.”

Dancehall artiste and self-proclaimed Gaza Empire ‘First Lady’ Lisa Hyper

The founding Gaza Empire member has been trending since declaring herself ‘First Lady’ of the Kartel-led clique, as some fans were unsure since rapper Jodi Couture has flaunted the title. The moment, captured on Instagram Live last week, also saw Hyper ranking Kartel’s longtime partner, Tanesha ‘Shorty’ Johnson as “the boss” who holds executive power on who stays in the organisation.

Though Couture seemed befuddled as to the mentioning of her name by the All Ova singjay, all seemed well until Johnson went live on her birthday on Monday to declare herself “First Lady”.

“Which one a unno can go inna di bank?” Johnson asked. “Di one and only Short Boss, yeah, one First Lady. Adidja Azim Palmer babymother, wife, everything… Him have whole heap a gyal, I am his First Lady and nobody cya tek dat…I don’t give a f**k who him waan have and who him waan f**k.”

“Mi woulda dead fi him because mi know weh him a come from. Mi know di greatness within him, mi know di goodness weh him do.”

– Lisa Hyper

Though Hyper initially said she wouldn’t respond to the mother of three of Kartel’s kids as her name was not mentioned, she did seek to clarify that her use of First Lady was musically-based.

“I’m First Lady in the hierarchy of the music,” she said. “Yuh nuh sing, yaa di man wife, so why yuh waan size up wid me weh a just di First Lady?… You have the bigger title, mi nah try size up wid you, mi a show yuh respect…”

But then Hyper changed her tune, and seemed to respond directly to Johnson’s comments.

Photo of incarcerated artiste Vybz Kartel with long-time partner Tanesha ‘Shorty’ Johnson

“Dem a talk bout nah go a bank? Bi**h, listen. Don’t mek mi talk it. Mi never disrespect yuh before and mi nah go do it now. Yaa talk bout bank? Come on, di First Lady haffi know everything. There’s a hierarchy… yuh have mate, yuh have side chick, yuh have wife, yuh have First Lady… Man short and woman plenty, sharing is caring.”

The entertainer, who has always been particular about the details she divulges about her relationship with the ‘World Boss’, revealed that she was first intimate with the incarcerated star when she was 17.

“Unno a cuss mi bout a h**d weh mi a tek from mi a 17,” the 31-year-old said. “Mi want a new h**d now. I woulda be fool fi hate unno fi da h**d deh…mi a ride di h**d from it bruk til it rich. Mi nuh haffi kill up myself. Mi nuh need fi chase what’s already mine.

Vybz Kartel was convicted for murder in 2014 and will serve 35 years before being eligible for parole.

“Mi a f**k him before some a dem come out and talk, it’s just that mi did young… and mi know who him is. Mi nuh waan inna fi dem place because my head sick and two bull cya rule inna one pen…So mi nuh grudge dem at all.”

Hyper first met Kartel, 44, when she was five in their Waterford, St Catherine community. The Queen’s School graduate later formed part of the formidable Gaza Empire but left more than a decade ago following the leak of an explicit photo. She made it clear that she was never expelled from the group, and affirmed that no person can come between her and Kartel.

“Unno nuh know nutten bout him, unno just come and a love him because him name Vybz Kartel…unno nuh know di bruk Addi Banton (prior moniker) weh used to deh a mi aunty yard every day. Mi woulda dead fi him because mi know weh him a come from. Mi know di greatness within him, mi know di goodness weh him do. Yuh know how much people dem man deh still a help and a feed right now and him a do 35 to life?”

Kartel was convicted for murder in 2014 and becomes eligible for parole after serving 35 years. His appeal was rejected in April.