Michelle Obama jams out to Skip Marley, Beyoncé and more

Hot on the heels of her podcast’s launch, Michelle Obama has shared the playlist getting her through these trying times and it has a Jamaican flavour, naturally.

Michelle Obama shared her Spotify playlist with Skip Marley and more yesterday.

The Michelle Obama Playlist was shared yesterday, August 7, and features 41 songs that the former First Lady inspired by the debut season of her Spotify exclusive podcast. The list features numerous songs by black artistes, including Beyoncé’s Black Parade, Teyana Taylor and Erykah Badu’s Lowkey, Chloe x Halle’s Do It and Hair Down by SiR and Kendrick Lamar.

However, the track that made us do a double take was Skip Marley and H.E.R.’s Slow Down, released back in January.

Michelle’s first podcast guest was former US President Barack Obama who discussed relationships and civil service with her. (Photo: Vogue.com)

The third-generation Marley, speaking on the collaboration when released, said “It was a natural connection…as we met it was just a natural type of vibe between us, it’s like we get each other a little bit.

“I had the track and I thought it wasn’t complete and a man suggest to me, ‘why don’t you see who else you can get on the track?’ and I was thinking for a while and he said, ‘what about H.E.R?’ and I was like, ‘H.E.R would be dope still’.

“I tried to get in contact with her team and see if it was possible… Like, ‘yow, I’d love if you could grace this track with your presence’ and then she sent it back to me and matched mi type of vibe.”

You can check out the rest of Obama’s playlist below: