Mighty Grand Piton: Putting a spotlight on Afro-Caribbean anime

Connie and The Mighty Grand Piton explore the beauty of St. Lucia (Photo: The Line Animation)

Our sun, sea and lush vegetation is just the perfect backdrop for a Caribbean-themed animated short film and BUZZ fam, The Mighty Grand Piton looks amazing!

Wesley Louis, a British animator with strong St. Lucian heritage is the brain behind The Mighty Grand Piton and the visuals are absolutely stunning…

The 90-second ‘pilot’ has garnered over 1,000,000 views on production studio The Line’s official YouTube page alone and we can see why.

The graphics are rich and fluid – giving us Lilo and Stitch-meets-The Iron Giant vibes all in the warmth and vibrancy of our Caribbean culture. Purely brilliant!!

Visuals. Plot. aaaaaaand Action! (Photo: The Line Animation)

Story time, storyline!

Okay, so The Mighty Grand Piton follows a young, upbeat British girl, Connie, who travels to St. Lucia for her school holidays with her family.

There, as she takes in the sights and sounds of the tropical paradise, she accidentally awakens a giant robot buried under the Twin Piton mountains on the south of the island.

This robot seems compelled to protect St. Lucia but his origins are mysterious.

Dormant protector of St. Lucia, The Mighty Grand Piton has awakened (Photo: The Line Animation)

No one knows where he came from or how long he’s been there. During the many years he’s lain dormant The Mighty Grand Piton has become nothing more than the stuff of legend.

Released in May, The Mighty Grand Piton, written and directed by Louis, has been getting rave reviews – even getting a feature on American entertainment magazine The Fader.

The Mighty Grand Piton is the brainchild of Wesley Louis, whose parents were born in St. Lucia before moving to the UK. Connie, whose character is based on an amalgamation of Wes’s nieces and nephews, is also an embodiment of his own experience of visiting the Caribbean,” Line Animation explains on its website.

“Specifically, the story references his memories of engaging with a culture and community that he grew up just hearing about. We also get a sense in this film what it was like seeing for the first time a landscape that could not be more different from where he was born in London,”

— The Line Animation

Check out the video below and tell us what you think, BUZZ fam: