Minister Marion Hall admits she held back posting photo over fears of harsh criticism

Not even Minister Marion Hall is immune to social media criticism.

The former dancehall superstar turned evangelist recently admitted that she held back posting a photo of herself on social media over fears that she would be harshly judged for her attire.

Hall, who posted the photo anyway, wowed when she stepped out clad in a white romper complete with a plaid-print jacket.

What’s the big deal?

While nothing was wrong with Hall’s attire per se her cleavage was visible -something she had caught flak for earlier this year when critics took her to task over a v-neck blouse which they said flaunted too much cleavage.

However, Hall was sure to ward off of naysayers from the jump, telling them in the caption attached to the photo “not to even start”.

“I wanted to post my picture from Saturday, when I went out to eat by the beach. However I held back, because I knew some of you will judge me over my outfit,” she said as she captioned the photo on Facebook.

“Don’t even start,” she added.