Minister Marion Hall plans to build a church

Minister Marion Hall has been spreading the gospel since she was baptised a few years ago.

A new year often sees people whipping out planners and vision boards to plot their moves and goals over the next 12 months. For Minister Marion Hall, God already has her ‘2020’ vision board mapped out, and it includes venturing into preaching in a major way.

Hall, who walked away from the secular world as Lady Saw in 2015, said God wants her to build a church.

“I’m getting ready and just waiting on the Lord to show me this parcel of land, where I’m gonna put this church.”

— Marion Hall

“What I plan to do is not my plan, the Lord planned it for me,” she said. “He told me (while I was in Birmingham), it’s time to preach, and He has been giving me a lot of equipment. He gave me a church name and said it’s His church, so I’m getting ready and just waiting on the Lord to show me this parcel of land, where I’m gonna put this church. I don’t know, maybe I’ll just start on the street side.”

Comfort zone

Hall became an ordained evangelist in 2018 at the Emmanuel Apostolic Church in Kingston where she had previously been baptised. She has been ministering across the island in word since her conviction, particularly in western Jamaica and the Fort Augusta Adult Correctional Centre in St Catherine.

She admitted that singing is her comfort zone and described herself as shy when it comes to doing otherwise but reiterated that preaching is God’s new mission for her.

Hall’s contemporaries, Goddy Goddy and Ryan Mark, have established their own churches.

Third gospel album

She made the comments in a post on her Instagram page, where she also revealed that she is working on her first book.

“I’m writing a book titled ‘Damage Good’, don’t come judge now, don’t even assume what’s gonna happen in this book, how the outcome will be… ‘Damage Good’,” she stressed the name.

Fans can also expect a third gospel album from her, which she said will, “do some damage to the Kingdom of darkness and take some people out of some spiritual prisons.”

Her sophomore gospel album, His Grace, was released in 2018, while her debut gospel project, When God Speaks, came in 2016.