Minister Marion Hall returning to dancehall to “tear up demons” and “cast out some spirits”

Minister Marion Hall is shaking up her ministry by returning to dancehall.

Marion Hall

The evangelist made the announcement during her online Sunday church service yesterday.

“God gave me this voice, God gave me a talent, I was just using it the wrong way singing all kinds of explicit songs, but now I can come back into the dancehall and tear up some demons and cast out some spirits that don’t belong in there,” she said.

The move comes after her five-year anniversary in Christendom, a period within which she avoided dancehall at all costs.

Belly of the beast

But the minister said recent claims made by spiritual advisor Nardo ‘RT Boss’ Smith made her realise she was complacent in the Kingdom and needed to go in the belly of the beast, in this case, dancehall.

The 51-year-old is set to release dancehall gospel tunes Mi Soon Alright and From Mi Born on January 1.

“Don’t think because I seh I’m going into dancehall, I’m going in for a crown,” she said. “I don’t need crown, my crown is in heaven, the Lord have my crown. I don’t need to run competition with anyone, I’m not going in to be a female artiste… I’m going in as an evangelist for the Lord… These two songs that is about to drop this January is to make every crooked ways straight.”

Hypocritical Christian

She also used her sermon to clap back at deejay Mr Vegas who criticised her for responding to Smith. Vegas, during an Instagram stream in the week, backed out his Bible to label Hall a hypocritical Christian who was struggling financially and jealous of the current crop of females striving in dancehall. He said that is why she responded to Smith, who had accused her of obeah dealings in recent weeks. 

“Some of us, we are all too righteous,” Hall said. “Come quoting scriptures and flipping, you’re not the God that is speaking to me. When a man is in Christ, he’s a new creature, yes he is… That does not say when a man is in Christ him must back up from the devil or demon, no. We don’t tek dem ting deh lightly. Yuh cya waan attack over this side and don’t expect seh we gwine burn down yuh obeah house.”

She added: “I am willing to lose your following just to win souls for God… If yuh bad try stop me, try stop mi from go in there in the dancehall go tek back what belongs to Jesus.”

Lying for fame

Hall also clapped back at Facebook spiritualist Prophetess Divine, who this week supported Smith’s obeah accusations.

“You are a lying Prophetess. A lot of you lying for fame because yuh see this thing happen and yuh see me never back up, you jumping on the bandwagon… I’m not taking on any extra baggage, you’re not gonna use my name and lie about me.

“Another woman who seh she’s a seer, she’s gonna call mi name and seh, ‘yes it’s true, yuh know how long dem obeahing me by Jammys?’. Dat is another mixup I don’t get into. I was nowhere there when you was a artiste lady, you was just not talented that is why you didn’t break out… Are you gonna put that on me because yuh see the obeah man start accuse me?… The blood of Jesus is against you lying Prophetess… I was nowhere there when you were a artiste, you older than me, outta order and bright.”