Minister Taf says “Tan A Yuh Yaad”

The worldwide quarantine triggered by the coronavirus has completely disrupted the usual flow of the entertainment industry.

Minister Taf says he has used the quarantine period to focus more on his songwriting.
(Photo: contributed)

While some artistes are employing more of the online space, gospel performer Minister Taf says the period has inspired a spurt of songwriting. Included in his quarantine work is ‘Tan A Yuh Yaad’, an OGE Beats-produced single which was released last month.

“We’ve had a few incidents whereby people have not been adhering to the rule of staying home,” he told BUZZ. “The message behind the track is pretty self-explanatory, it’s encouraging people to stay home and save lives as well as not giving the virus a chance to spread.”

The United Kingdom-based artiste was set to perform in Germany a few weeks before movement restrictions tightened across the world, resulting in the cancellation of the event, a tale also shared by several other artistes and promoters.

In addition to writing new music, Minister Taf said the lockdown period has afforded him the opportunity to work on his brand.

“I have been reading a lot, writing new material, exercising, playing video games, and overall just working on my brand as well as the completion of my official website that will be launched soon,” he said. “I recently got a manager on the team now, so we’re working on a few things that Imma be hush about now, but I’m definitely hoping to do more overseas gigs including major festivals like Reggae Sumfest.”

The festival’s organisers recently announced the postponement of the event until 2021 as a result of the pandemic, but promised an even better showcase next year.

Until the world passes this faceless, unexpected storm, Minister Taf is “definitely looking forward to getting back in the studio and giving my fans some new music.”