Minto Play Da Riddim: the super-producer behind Skillibeng’s latest bangers

Producer, Minto Play Da Riddim

Fast-rising dancehall artiste Skilibeng has treated fans to a slew of club rockin’, hard hittin’ records that have set the dancehall scene on fire. 

But sometimes a great artiste is only as good as the instrumentals that bring his music to life. In the case of Skillibeng, he has recently found a new vibe due to his collaboration with California-based Pierre Minto, better known as Minto Play Da Riddim; the talented mind that spawned the beats for hits like Run, and more recently, the provocative Sloppy

BUZZ had a sitdown with Kingston native Minto to learn more about his craft; the artistes he’s worked with, and what dancehall can expect from him in the future. 

BUZZ: How were you introduced to Skillibeng?

Minto: I got introduced to Skillibeng through Gutty Bling. I was just in the studio working on some beats as usual and something was just telling me this sounds like something Skillibeng would love. So I got in touch with Gutty Bling and asked him to let Skilli hear it. Two days passed, and before I knew it, Skilli had recorded a hit [Run] and that’s how it all came about. 

Skillibeng is one of the many artistes Minto Play Da Riddim has worked with

BUZZ: Who are some of the other artistes you’ve worked with in the past?

Minto: I’ve worked with so many talented and creative people. From Vybz Kartel, Popcaan, Baby Cham, Munga, Jahvillani, Charly Black, Lanae – just to name a few. They are all incredible artistes, and I respect their work ethic a lot. 

BUZZ: Have any of the artistes that you’ve worked with surprised you?

Minto: Artistes surprise me all the time, especially with the topics they touch. It’s a process, and sometimes the end result can be unexpected. It’s something I can appreciate. They are the artistes; they have to let the music speak to them, and then execute it. 

BUZZ: How did you get into this business?

Minto: Music is something I have always loved, ever since I was a little kid. As far as getting my foot through the door in the industry, that was thanks to Daniel “Blaxxx” Lewis. 

BUZZ: Is there anything new and exciting in the pipeline?

Minto: Of course. Fans can expect more collaborations with me and Skillibeng in the near future. So be sure to look out for that. We’ve really [developed] chemistry now.