Money Moves! Jada Kingdom wants respect for her business savvy

Jada Kingdom wants people to know she’s more than a pretty face and talented voice.

Jada Kingdom may be one of the top new dancehall talents but she wants y’all to know she’s more than that.

She’s a businesswoman and y’all better stop sleeping on it.

In a tweet yesterday (September 17), the Budum artiste said, “I love you, you’re my friend but you need to respect me as a BUSINESSWOMAN.”

While she’s been steadily making moves on the musical scene, Jada also operates an online store Jadur Kastel Swims, where she sells swimwear and beach towels.

We’ve no doubt she got her business savvy from her mom who’s a nail technician and features in the artiste’s video for the hit WiN, where she sings “One day I have to win, that’s why I try again”.

She also recently went off on artistes seeking features but who do not want to pay her.

One of Jada’s swimsuit designs for Jadur Kastel Swims.

“Don’t link me for no f**kin verse if you ain’t got my f**kin money UP FRONT! tf yu thought this was? a work mi a work! get tf outta my face with the f**kery. caz i WILL disrespect you. COPY!? ok good,” she tweeted.

We stan a queen business-minded queen!