More soul, music and vibes from Jaz Elise in 2020

Jaz Elise wants fans to see a truer side in 2020. (Photo: Instagram @officialjazelise)

She grabbed ears and turned heads with her 2019 summer bop, Fresh and Clean, but for 2020, singer Jaz Elise wants to show a truer side to existing and potential fans.

“I just really want to be very raw and stripped-down and allow people to really see my story and my soul, and feel my heart in what I’m saying,” she told BUZZ. “That’s kinda where I’m trying to go with my music.”

“I’ve been in studio so much I don’t know where nowhere else looks like right now.”

— Jaz Elise

She provided more than an inkling of this at the recently staged ‘Long Story Short’ event in Kingston, where she kept it wavy, present, and showcased her smooth and cool vocals (and persona), and acoustic style.

Engaging performance

The J.L.L-produced Fresh and Clean was part of her engaging performance, as well as Rock and Groove, a refreshing reminder to enjoy life despite its ebbs and flows. The ‘dubsy’ single was released late last year as part of the Rock and Groove rhythm compilation, produced by Protoje and J Vibe. Elise said the project (which also features Lil Ike, Sevana and Naomi Cowan) has benefited her in more ways than one.

Jaz Elise performing at Long Story Short in Kingston recently.

“It has done a lot for me personally, even more than career wise,” she started. “Being able to experience that whole collaborative effort from the photographers to Protoje, to the producers and the whole team, it was just wonderful to be in a space with such talented creatives, and we genuinely jell and genuinely love music, so that project was a labour of love.”

She is currently working on releasing new music.

“I’ve been in the studio so much I don’t know where nowhere else looks like right now,” she said. “Fans can look out for more music and more vibes from Jaz Elise for 2020.”