More ‘Vana’ in 2020: Sevana talks upcoming collab, EP and film project

Singer Sevana has been making waves in the music industry.

When Sevana dropped the unapologetically sassy single, Nobody Man, last year, she unbolted the doors to her dancehall persona, a side she calls ‘Vana’. Fans lived for it, and still are, to be honest, which is why it only makes sense to hear more Vana this year, right?

“Absolutely, 100 per cent! I was just in the studio with Kelissa and Jaz Elise, and we have a song that is 100 per cent Vana. It’s a banger too,” Sevana told BUZZ. “It’s a collab among us talking about social issues, but it’s a very sing-along, feel good vibsy kind of song, and it’s more dancehall.”

Six-track EP

Sevana has shaped her career with soft, sultry sounds, delivered via reggae-R&B-esque tracks. Classic examples include Bit Too Shy and Sometime Love. For her upcoming EP to be released in May, Sevana is curating six tracks which, she says, will embody her artistry, musicality and soul.

“It’s music that feels like the most me that my music has been so far in my career,” she said. “I’m very anxious, but I’m hopeful that people will receive it nicely because we’re getting some different kind of support now so I hope seh things will pop off the right way.”

The project will be released under the Indigg imprint and feature production from “great people” which the songstress is not yet able to disclose.

Puma collaboration

Sevana (right) and Lila Ike in the ad they did for Puma last year.

Open for discussion, however, is her December performance in Dubai, where Sevana made her debut on the Sole DXB Festival, courtesy of PUMA.

“That was incredible, dem give mi a whole heap of free tings,” she said with a light giggle. “Big up to PUMA for sure cause they really saw me and Lila Ike as two acts, and they wanted to sponsor us and bring us on a stage as big as that for which I am eternally grateful.”

She also went to Senegal that month to shoot a music video and continued her work in film for a three-part series written by Haitian Marc Bamuthi Joseph.

“The first one in the series was called About Face, the second one is out now and it’s called Fear, of which I was assistant director, and the third one is what we shot in Senegal and that is called The Cotton Dilemma,” she said. “It’s about institutionalised racism and the black man, so it’s very deep. It should be in production now and that takes a month or so, then it should be out.”