Mortimer’s debut album to drop in October

The crowd drew closer to the stage as Mortimer sang during the Essence Livity of Reggae Festival on Sunday.

There’s a majestic sort of ritual that happens when roots singer Mortimer hits the stage. Regardless of the venue, crowd size or his placement on the running order, his raspy vocals guide patrons to the foot of the stage, where they huddle, unitedly bedazzled, until his set is over.

It has been only a few months since the release of his Fight the Fight EP, which has undoubtedly contributed to his popularity in the live performance space. His debut album, which is scheduled for release in October, is sure to multiply this.

“When they ask where I see myself in five years time, I say in the hearts and souls of all mankind.”

— Mortimer

“We’re still pushing Fight the Fight in 2020, but I’m gonna start working on my album starting next week,” he told BUZZ. “Technically, I’ve started already, but we’re going in studio seriously next week, and that’s gonna be produced by Winta James.”

Billboard success

James, a longtime collaborator, produced the six-track EP, which features Lightning, Careful, No Lies and Style and Grace. The project debuted at number three on the Billboard Reggae Albums Chart in November.

“The feedback has been really good, and I appreciate the vibes,” he said. “I recognise the love that the people have for me and my music, and I attribute it all to good vibes. I think every soul knows good vibes and positive vibes. I do realise this, and mi give thanks for it.”

Positive contribution

As his name continues to spread, the bookings increase and fanfare grows, Mortimer wants to make it clear that he is no entertainer. As his first project, Message Music (2014), highlights, his musical mission is based on helping others through his gift.

He explained this at the recent Essence Livity of Reggae Festival in Kingston on Sunday.

“When they ask where I see myself in five years time, I say in the hearts and souls of all mankind; that is where I want us to dwell, that is where I want the music to dwell,” he said. “As long as I make my positive contribution on Earth, I can pass flesh wise, I don’t have a problem with that.”