Mouthwatering! Rihanna serving up delicious food in Barbados


If you saw Rihanna’s latest post on her Instagram, then we totally understand why you’re probably still salivating.

The Barbados native has often expressed her love for food, especially Caribbean food, and while she celebrated Christmas on the island, she made sure that she indulged in some.

An excited Rihanna showed fans the delicious food that she would soon be eating all the while exclaiming about how delicious everything looked.

And we had no choice but to agree. Before our eyes laid scrumptious jerk chicken, roti, curried chicken, potato salad, gungo rice, tossed salad, and shepherd’s pie.

And although Rihanna is a little bit of a chef herself, she wasn’t the one responsible for cooking up all of that deliciousness. Everything was prepared by private chef, known as ‘Sweet To The Bone’ on social media.