Mr Lexx defends tweet calling for DJ Khaled to work with other artistes

Dancehall artiste Mr Lexx

For the record, dancehall artiste, Mr. Lexx was not being envious when he pointed out that Dj Khaled should include other Jamaican artistes in his projects whenever he visits the island.

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In fact, as he tells it his honest opinion, and is wary of all the criticism he received after voicing it.

“Dung yah suh Anybody weh voice dem opinion is either a Hater or Bad mind… Daam,” he tweeted in response to the backlash.

And he was supported in this stance.

“hold the faith. One – closed mouths don’t get fed and also, that’s how it goes with leaders. Trust me there are others who agree with you but fraid fi seh,” one user replied.

“So true, very small-minded,” another added.

Lexx don’t watch dem… you ah talk FACTS,” someone said.

Mr Lexx triggered the fury of social media when he tweeted that DJ Khaled should expand the network of artistes he works with.

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He quickly had to come to his own defence.