Mr Lexx questions the fashion sense of millennial males, fans say the artiste was just as eccentric in his youth

Dancehall artiste Mr. Lexx says he is unable to comprehend and or relate to the current fashion trends.

Mr Lexx made the comments as he shared a photo of A$AP Rocky, who graced the cover of ‘GQ earlier this year.

In the photo posted to Mr Lexx’s Instagram account the American rapper is seen rocking a skirt with knee high boots, while the female posing next to him wore pants and clutched her crotch.

The magazine spread seems to play on the reversal of traditional gender norms, which attribute skirts to females and trousers to men.

“Aight so di boy wear di blouse and skirt and di girl wear di pants and shirt? Not trying to style nobody,” said a clearly puzzled Mr Lexx

“Just trying to understand today’s fashion,” he added.

However Mr Lexx’s comments did not go unnoticed, with industry veterans like Ce’Cile and Tanya Stephens reminding the deejay that his fashion sense was not that different when he was in his prime in the early 2000s.

 “This looks so good… lex u used to be so on point with fashion..what happened?? Memeber how dem used to cuss u cause thrm never get ur trendsetting ways,” said Ce’Cile.

“So e go when some a we start get owl,” added Tanya Stephens, who seemed to be cracking up.

It seems fans also agreed that Mr Lexx’s attire in his youthful days was pretty out there.

“You have worn some things that make me wonder….so because is not you wearing it this time…’re confused? Lol,” said one IG user in reaction to the post.

Mr Lexx took the comments about his fashion sense in his youthful years in good humour, noting that while he loved fashion these new looks were not his style.

“ @badgyalcecile u know me like fashion but this is a new era in it,” responded Mr. Lexx.