Mr Lexx throws shade at Jamaican artistes working with DJ Khaled

‘Badmind’ or the truth that’s the debate that’s raging in the social media sphere after dancehall artiste Mr Lexx took to Twitter, where he shared his thoughts about Jamaican artistes working with DJ Khaled.

Mr Lexx in a tweet late Monday (April 12 ) told the American DJ that Jamaica had a variety of artistes, seeming to suggest that DJ Khaled often worked with the same local artistes over and over again.

“Dear DjKhalid , Just letting you know they’re a lot more artists in Jamaica #Respectfully,” tweeted Mr Lexx, who incorrectly spelled the DJ’s name.

Mr Lexx took it a step further when he in a subsequent tweet, reiterating his earlier sentiments slammed Khaled’s collaboration with his select group of Jamaican artistes, noting that these projects had failed to produce hits.

“Every time Kahlid come yah a di same artist dem him use and di song dem nah hit. Kmt yea I said it,” added Mr Lexx in a subsequent Tweet

Onto something or ‘badmind’?

While many in the social media sphere have slammed Mr Lexx’s tweets as badmind, DJ Khaled’s eleventh studio album Father of Asahd did stir some controversy when it was released after it failed to peak at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Despite taking the second best spot, sources reported that DJ Khaled accused the Billboard organization of unfairly disqualifying more than 100,000 sales of Father of Asahd album, preventing it from getting the No. 1 spot.

Holy Mountain the first single from Father Asahd which featured Buju Banton, Sizzla, Mavado and 070 Shake peaked at number No. 1 and spent 4 weeks on the chart.

The last time Mr. Lexx was on the Billboard charts was in early 2000s with his album Mr Lex which peaked at number twelve and spent five weeks on the charts.