‘Mr Portland’ Daryl Vaz roasts Damion Crawford on Twitter

Jamaicans as a people, love to gloat, especially after a victory and Member of Parliament for West Portland Daryl Vaz pulled no punches against former People’s National Party (PNP) frontrunner for East Portland Damion Crawford on Twitter on Monday.

Vaz, who posted two screenshots from articles dated April and November, slammed Crawford to going back on his promise to stay in East Portland following his defeat at the hands of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) and Ann-Marie Vaz at the hotly contested by-elections.

“In April 2019 he said he would remain in East Portland; 7 months later, in November 2019 he is ready to leave Portland. He is a trickster!” Vaz tweeted.

“My wife @annmarievazja and I live right here in Portland; we will not be leaving. #ActionDoDat #Desperado #Trickster,” he added.

Crawford, bemused, replied in dramatic fashion, on Wednesday morning, that he’d have a talk with Vaz once he returns to Jamaica from trips in New York and Miami.

Crawford attempted to rub salt in the wounds of the MP, who was among two politicians and a senior police officer who had their US visas revoked in October, but Vaz’s clapback was swift and SAVAGE!

Damion Crawford, catching flights, not feelings. #MOOD

Vaz wasn’t done though, and returned to end Crawford with a drag that damaged all of #JamaicanTwitter’s edges.

“You going everywhere but Portland eeh?” and just like that, the timeline was in shambles.

A moment of silence for Damion Crawford, whose account died at 10:56 pm on Wednesday, November 27.