Mr Vegas awarded most outstanding student in sociology at Broward College

Mr Vegas

Dancehall artiste Mr Vegas is in a celebratory mood after he was awarded most outstanding student in sociology at Broward College.

A proud Mr Vegas shared the achievement with his Instagram followers.

“I was awarded the Most Outstanding Student of my recently concluded sociology course. Once you work hard, nutten cyan stop yuh progress!!! Thank you Professor Rastagh and @browardcollege,” he captioned a photo showing the award and certificate.

“Clifford is a fearless artist and activist who sticks to his guns and isn’t afraid to speak truth to power,” an excerpt from his certificate read.

Mr Vegas pursued an associate degree in mass communication and graduated from the University with a 4.0 GPA. He told local media that he will be matriculating to the Florida International University where he intends to major in sociology.

Seeing as the Bruk It Down deejay just completed his high school GED two years ago, this achievement is especially significant for him, and he’s hoping others will be inspired.

“Mi neva dream of the day mi would have an award as the most outstanding student in this class. When I started learning sociology, mi seh a dis mi wah learn bout,” he said in an Instagram Live video.

“Mi already proud of myself enough, so mi nuh need fi use this as any form of showboat. I’m graduating Saturday, it’s the first time mi ago graduate inna mi life,” he said. “Mi never graduate from a primary, kindergraden or no school. Mi not even know how it is to walk down and collect a certificate.”

He added; “For me to come and start re-educate miself, and it took me less than two years to get something like this. Mi only can use this to inspire myself.”